Algal biofuels are renewable fuels derived from the conversion of algae biomass into various types of biofuels. These fuels are considered a promising alternative to conventional fossil fuels because they can be sustainably produced, are biodegradable, and have the potential to significantly reduce ...

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Algal bioplastic, also known as algae-based bioplastic, is a type of biodegradable and renewable plastic material derived from algae. It is considered an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics, which are known for their detrimental environmental impact due to their non-biod...

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Algal biomaterials refer to a diverse group of materials derived from algae, which are simple photosynthetic organisms that can be found in various aquatic environments. Algae have garnered significant attention in recent years due to their potential as a sustainable and eco-friendly source of bioma...

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